Finbro Ecu

Finbro Ecu


Complete Engine Standalone Computer for all FinBro BBKs and all FinBro engines. Very positive success when used on the 125cc engine with multiple upgraded modifications along with the proper PCX150 injector

Has been found to also work with other manufacturer 2v and 4v BBKs when paired with a larger injector and OR upgrading to a larger fuel line if more fuel is needed.

Keihin self learning ECM refreshed for FinBro has a RPM limiter set at 12,500 RPM, instead of the OEM 9,500 rpm that is set in the original GROM/MSX125 ECM. It is capable of self adjusting fuel trims and ignition tables while you ride to deliver an accurate and safe performance, it is a completely autonomous more software updates, data cables, laptops, secondary sensors, building/searching or asking for maps needed. It will automatically learn and store the adjusted fuel trims and ignition tables by itself using the OEM O2 sensor already on the engine. It will automatically add or remove fuel to all changes made to an engine, including boosting engine power: big bore kits, 4 valve heads, intakes, exhausts, cams, larger heads, pistons etc. The base data is also programmed for a more agressive engine at higher rpm's.

This ECM is not equipped with cold start circuitry, so using slight throttle operation is normal for the first few moments when starting in colder weather. A minor adjustment on the wire loom is required and an extra female end jumper wire is provided for you. It involves re-routing only 1 wire, and disconnecting 1 wire depending on your year model.

This product is legal for closed-course competition use only; for racing vehicles (a competition vehicle not used on public highways). Intended for off-road use or race purposes; may not meet regulations of pollution controlled roads or highways. Not legal for vehicles registered and use in California. 

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