Composimo Z125 Fork Lowering Kit

Composimo Z125 Fork Lowering Kit


***This Lowering Kit was NOT designed to use the stock bars. You will either need to install at least a 1.5" riser and use bars with a lower rise than stock, or use our "RaceBarZ" handlebar setup, which was designed specifically around this lowering kit!***

This kit is an add-on to your existing stock forks! There is no cutting/etc involved. This is a simple bolt-on process. 

This kit is designed for looks and for show. That is NOT to say it does not handle well, but it is like lowering anything else, it does add a bit of ride compromise. The Kawasaki forks are MUCH stiffer than the Grom, and therefore do not require the auxiliary springs that we use on the Grom. So this kit is simply the Barrels that will lower the forks 1.625", and you can also safely slide your forks up about .250" ... very nearly the full 2" lowering kit like the Grom! If you do decide to slide your forks a bit, your headlight may touch/scratch your fender. So please be mindful of that!

If you are looking for a racing application, where you need improved valving, etc... then this kit is not for you. There are some other fork setups available that may be better... For instance, Ohlins will have a Cartridge Kit available in the Fall for the Z125 Pro!

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